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Singapore’s education system is considered the best in the world. The country consistently ranks at the top of the OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) in the main three categories of maths, reading and science. Singaporean pupils are roughly three years ahead of their American peers in maths.…

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Kar Hwee Koh, Ed.M,

Tze-Ping Low, Ph.D

Husband and wife team both grew up in Singapore and are now living in Massachusetts, USA.

Kar Hwee has been teaching math in premier schools in Singapore before relocating to the United States. She has extensive experience as a math coach to new teachers, and is well versed in areas of problem solving heuristics, early algebraic thinking and lesson study. She speaks regular at national education conferences.

Tze-Ping is a recovering electrical engineer who used to research technologies for new generations of wireless communications. He is interested in web and mobile programming and recently taught classes in robotics projects.

Tzeping and Karhwee

Conceptual Understanding

Procedural Fluency

Problem Solving

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    In this Zoom workshop, we will discuss the different ways students can use bar models and visualization techniques to solve novel and challenging word problems. Please RSVP using the form below. Zoom Link will be emailed to participants before the event. Loading…
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    If each chess symbol represents a different digit from 0 to 9, what are the values of each symbol – ♙, ♘ and ♖?
  • When You Cut Off A Piece From A 2D Shape, Does The Area And Perimeter Decrease, Increase Or Stay The Same?
    It is important to have an intuitive understanding of how these two properties varies when the shape changes. For example, what happens to the Area and Perimeter when you cut off a piece from a 2D Shape?
  • Sine, Cosine and Tangent in the Four Quadrants
    Remember this picture? We used it to remember the signs of the three primary trigonometry ratios – Sine, Cosine and Tangent in the four quadrants. Each letter (of ASTC or CAST) represents the trigonometry function that is positive in each quadrant, e.g. Cosine is positive in the 4th quadrant etc., and All three are positive … Read more
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    Happy Snowy Halloween! Here in Boston, we just had our first snow of the year yesterday. It feels like Mother Nature is reminding us about the upcoming winter. We would like to take the chance to share some thoughts about “Connections” today.   A math lesson should not be questions after questions. It is important … Read more
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Your site have been a Godsend for me as I learn Singapore Math methods. The videos have been extremely helpful (lesson plans and worksheets too) for me as a teacher/learner and giving me a way to explain a concept to my students. THANK YOU!


My kids love the way it is laid out. Keeps their attention and they want to complete the worksheets. We use it with along with Primary Math Singapore Math so I have to pick and choose through some of the worksheets but overall it follows a similar path as the work we are learning in our books.


My kiddos were struggling with this Math and your packet really helped them understand! Thank you so much!


I work with a wide age and skill range of remedial math students. Your worksheets are so well labeled that I can easily find what I need to meet individual needs.


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