2018 Singapore Math In-Depth National Conference and Standards Institute

This summer, I had the privilege of presenting at two of my favorite National Conferences again, 2018 Singapore Math In-Depth National Conference and 2018 Winter Standards Institute!

The 2018 Winter Standards Institute was held in San Diego this year, Jan 29 to Feb 2, 2018 where I presented four days on Middle School Curriculum and Leadership, focusing on Shifts in Math and Rigor. As always, it is a humbling and enriching experience, as we learn and share best practices with teachers and educator leaders all around United States; constantly thinking of ways to better our instructional goals.

Kar session with the SCALE was terrific – it was applicable, paced well and relevant learning.

Kar Hwee did an excellent job modeling standards based concepts for clarity.

Kar does a great job of putting the work of knowledge creation on the Leaders who are participating.

In the summer, I was in Arizona for the Singapore Math In-Depth National Conference, July 11 to July 13, 2018. This is my second year presenting at this conference and I would say that I had been looking forward to this as it focuses on Singapore Math! This time, my emphasis is on elementary school math, and teacher training.

Here are some photos!

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