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Who is this site for?

Teachablemath is a site for teachers and parents who are looking for math education resources and support, using Singapore-based strategies. If you are using Singapore curriculum such as Math In Focus or Primary Mathematics, you are in the right place.

Hello, nice to meet you!

Tzeping and Karhwee

TeachableMath is founded by a Singaporean family living in the greater Boston area. Our principal teacher, Kar Hwee Koh has been teaching math in premier schools in Singapore for many years before moving to the US. A few years ago, we started the Lexington Singapore School in Lexington, Massachusetts to teach an integrated math enrichment program using Singapore based math textbooks. In addition to teaching, we also provide lesson studies, coaching and workshops to schools, teachers and parents.

To read more about how we ended up here in Boston, see our story.

What can you find here?

Currently, we have resources for grades 1 through 5. These are the resources you can find:

  • Worksheets – Either topic-based worksheets or daily practice that can be used independently or as a supplement to your core math curriculum. They are aligned to the US common core standards and uses Singapore-based strategies.
  • Lesson plans – Full year weekly lesson plans using either the Math In Focus or Primary Mathematics curriculum.
  • Training videos – Based on the weekly lesson plans, Kar Hwee talks through some of the challenges, tips and strategies for each week’s topic.
  • Guided solutions – Video worked solutions for Challenging Questions and Word Problems in the Math In Focus workbooks. 
  • Teaching Insight Articles –  Periodically, we’ll write down our thoughts, experience and strategies for various topics in the US Common Core.

How can you access these resources? (and are they free?)

The best way to access these resources is to join our membership program. Members have unlimited access to all resources and also receive support and help in using them.

With our 7-day free trial, you have a week to decide if you want to be part of the community before your credit card is charged. If it is not, simply cancel your membership before the end of the trial. Please see the Membership FAQ page for more details about the free trial program.

There are many free resources too, including free worksheets, apps, videos, and of course our blog articles where we share tips and teaching insight. 

Questions or Comments?

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments, or just drop us a note to say hi!

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