Here is a collection of small web-apps that can be used as classroom tools for demonstrating concepts or for preparing teaching materials.

Fraction Shape Maker

Fraction Shape Maker

Have you tried to draw simple shapes to represent fractional values in standard office applications, e.g. dividing a circle into 5 equal parts in Powerpoint. This app helps teachers and parents draw shapes to represent fractions in presentations and worksheets.

Fraction Multiplication Area Model App

Fraction Multiplication Area Model

The Fraction Multiplication Area Model App is an interactive teaching aid to illustrate fraction multiplication concepts using the Area Model. The app supports up to 3×3 fraction values, so you can illustrate products between improper fractions too!

Trigonometry Quadrant App

Trigonometry Quadrant App

A simple interactive illustration of the four quadrants to visualize the three main ratios of right angle triangles – sine, cosine and tangent.

Captain Ten Game

Captain Ten (Make Ten) Game

Keep Captain Ten flying by collecting compatible fuel cells. Make sure the number on the fuel-cell makes ten (add up to 10) with the number on his jet-pack, or it will explode!

Fraction Wheel

Our first app is a web version of the fraction wheel we blogged about before. With two pieces of paper, students can make a free spinning 2-dimensional wheel to explore various fractional values less than 1. It is part of the concrete-pictorial-abstract philosophy of Singapore math.

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