Fraction Shape Maker

This Fraction Shape Maker draws a simple shape using equal parts division for fraction illustrations. Teachers and parents can use it to draw a nice shape that is divided into a given number of equal parts, which is not easily done in standard office software. Download the final image as an image (png) file to use in your presentation and worksheets. (Instructions below)

Total number of Equal Parts (max 36):
Number of Shaded Parts:
Shape Type: Circle Polygon
Line Width:
Shade Color:
Rotate Shape:

Right click to save me!

Right click to save me!

Right click to save me!


  1. Enter the total number of equal parts (denominator).
  2. Enter the number of shaded parts (numerator).
  3. Additional Settings:
    • Select line thickness (pixel).
    • Select shade color.
    • Select additional rotation to get the orientation you want.
  4. Right click on desired image (3 sizes) and select “Save image as…” to save shape as a Portable Network Graphics (PNG) image file.

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