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Blog posts where we share some of our recent experience teaching in the classroom.

6 reasons why it is important to have a lesson plan

There are many important benefits of having a clear and organized set of lesson plans which takes into account the topics to cover as well as the skills and attitudes of students. Aside from syllabus alignment across grades, they allow teachers to avoid teaching from cover to cover, ensures effective handover to a new permanent or substitute teacher, and also serves as evidence of a teacher’s professional performance. Here are 6 reasons why it is important for teachers to have a lesson plan.

Using Bar Models for Problem Solving – Experience from Singapore Math Workshop at Columbia University 2016

In one of my recent school visits, I was doing a lesson study on a Grade 3 class. The class is diverse, some are still struggling with multiplication and division while the rest of mastered the topic and ready to move on. This is not uncommon in many classrooms, but how does the teacher introduce problem solving in such a diverse class? During the lesson study, we starting by introducing questions that focuses on logic and reasoning, with basic concepts on multiplication and division, keeping the numbers small and not overwhelming.

2016 Singapore Math Workshop at Columbia University Teachers College

Singapore Math Workshop at Columbia University Teachers College 2016

After a very successful session last year, we are privileged to be invited back to Columbia University Teachers College to present a Singapore Math Workshop to teacher residents as part the Teaching Residents at Teachers College TR@TC program. Focusing on Singapore Strategies, we had a great evening discussing topics such as ways to better support students, the importance of striking a balance between conceptual understanding and procedural fluency, and the role of problem solving in our day to day classrooms.

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