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Singapore Math Workshop Columbia University Teachers College TR@TC 2016

  • Are you a classroom teacher whose school or school district has just switched to the Math In Focus or Primary Mathematics textbooks?
  • Or are you a home-school parent who have decided on Singapore Math® as your child’s main math curriculum?
  • Or a concerned parent who is not sure how to help your kid with the math strategies that he/she is learning in school?

The TeachableMath Membership Community is set up to support teachers and parents who are using or interested in Singapore-based strategies for math education. Started by Singaporean educators in Boston, Massachusetts, the community’s goal is to provide a clear and structured plan that is integrated across grades, for teachers and parents to help pace their kids to meet all learning objectives for their level, using Singapore based textbooks such as Math In Focus and Primary Mathematics. It is a platform for teachers and parents to share and learn strategies, clarify understanding, get resources, and meet other teachers and parents working with Singapore math.

Key Objectives

Provide a clear path to math learning success

kid-1Teachers and parents are often overwhelmed by too much information –  books and training courses which explains “bar modeling”, articles which talk about concrete-pictorial-abstract (CPA) approach; not to mention the vast array of classroom and home support materials, manipulatives, apps that you’re supposed to use to help your children learn the math methods and strategies you were not taught as a child. The scope covered in textbooks and workbooks may also be too wide for the grade. Often, to satisfy teaching standards under limited classroom time, you’ll need to make your own judgement calls to de-emphasize or altogether skip unimportant topics.

We provide a clear, structured path that is integrated across grade levels, created based on our own teaching of the Singapore Math® curriculum in our classrooms as well as our own experience learning and teaching them in Singapore. Not only do the plans meet all US Common Core State Standards, they were designed using an integrated spiral approach through the grades, allowing teachers in different grades to know exactly what their incoming students have learned, how to set appropriate pre-assessment evaluations and what to focus on to ensure continuity in the next grade.

Provide relevant resources to help meet learning objectives

teacher-1Teachers are faced with the enormous task of meeting education standards in limited time each year. Our goal is to provide teachers with structured lesson plans, accompanied by video training and timely relevant resources they can use in the classrooms. These lesson plans, worksheets, classroom activities and references are designed to provide teachers with materials for every week of the school year.

On the other hand, parents often feel helpless when their kids bring home work exercises that uses math strategies that seems foreign to them. Our supplementary worksheets and daily practice morning work activities are designed to reinforce concepts learnt in the classroom, and are easy to follow, so that parents will know how to help their kids at home.

Foster effective learning partnerships between teacher, parent and child

teacher-parent-2Math learning continues after school dismissal! Parent’s support at home ensures that our children receives consistent instruction in their math education. We strongly believe that a healthy and supportive triangle relationship between teacher-parent-child is the key to a successful learning experience. Teachers appreciate the reinforcement children receive at home, parents understand how to support the new math their kids are learning in school and children feels less confused and frustrated in their learning.

We welcome both teachers and parents in our membership, and do not separate discussions between each group. Every week, we deliver a common set of lesson plans, complete with suggested activities and relevant resources to every member, so that both teachers and parents are on the same page. Discussions for each topic are collected by semester, week and topics and all are encouraged to learn from each other!

Benefits of Being a Member

Whether you are a classroom or home-school teacher using Singapore math textbooks such as Math In Focus and Primary Mathematics who wants to find teaching resources and meet other like-minded educators, or a parent whose child is learning math using Singapore based strategies in school and want to find out how to support them at home, you will find valuable resources and references from teachers and parents who are on the same track.

Weekly Guided Support

Each week, we post a focused set of recommended plans and resources for that week, and provide guided support for the specific topics. These are part of a full-year integrated curriculum and are scheduled roughly according to the US school calendar. They include a short video to explain some of the key challenges in that week’s topic, extracted lesson plans, as well as related supplementary worksheets and activities. You can also join our weekly conference calls to discuss any challenges you’re facing in your classroom.


Our forums are exclusive to members and are meant for teachers and parents to share knowledge and resources for math education in general. Through the forums, you will find tips and strategies on various topics such as bar models, Discussions will be facilitated by experienced math teacher and coach, Kar-Hwee Koh. We will personally work with you to help your students or your kids in their math learning.

Lesson Plans

Our lesson plans are fully aligned with the US Common Core State Standards for Math and are designed to work with both Math In Focus and Primary Mathematics workbook series. For each week of the academic year, these lesson plans lay out the recommended teaching objectives (“I can” statements), along with the specific Common Core standards, corresponding workbook pages and suggested classroom activities.

Video Training

Videos are a great way to explain math concepts and work through solutions. We provide short videos to get teachers up to speed with each day’s lesson based on our lesson plans. Parents who are looking for quick explanation of key concepts taught in their kids’ school will also find these short videos helpful.

Worksheets and Books

Our worksheets are used by teachers around the world and are highly recommended. These daily practice worksheets supports the core Singapore math textbooks and workbooks, and provides rigorous and challenging exercises to supplement them. They also serves to clarify concepts and are even more effective if they are used in conjunction with our lesson plans. Members get unlimited free downloads of any of our worksheets from the member’s resources area. Members also get free download of PDF versions of our physical books available on Amazon.

Worked Solutions Video

The main workbook series we used in this membership is the Math In Focus and Primary Mathematics. While the standard questions are straightforward, some sections may be more challenging to parents and new teachers. In these short videos, we work through selected questions and show how we would solve the challenging problems consistent with the methods taught in the textbooks.

And More

We make products and resources that are useful for our own classrooms, and will constantly add more content to the membership area. Suggestions and questions posted by members will be given higher priority. Along with discussion topics and other articles, you will get more out of the membership community each year.

See all resources arranged by weeks for each grade:

Resources - WorksheetsResources - Lesson PlansResources - Training VideosResources - Guided SolutionsResources - Teaching Insights


We offer both individual and group pricing for our community membership.

Individual Membership

For individual membership, you can choose between three subscription periods.

$39 / month (after 7-day free trial)
Teaching support and resources for 1 month
$365 / year (after 7-day free trial)
Teaching support and resources for 12 months
$99 / 3 months (after 7-day free trial)
Teaching support and resources for 3 months

Group Membership

For group membership (ideal for schools and organizations), we offer three flexible annual plans. Please click here for information about how group memberships work.

5 Teachers
$1500 / year
Teaching support and resources for 12 months.
25% discount off individual price @ $300 per teacher per year.
Auto-renew yearly at discounted price.
10 Teachers
$2500 / year
Teaching support and resources for 12 months.
37.5% discount off individual price @ $250 per teacher per year.
Auto-renew yearly at discounted price.
15 Teachers
$3000 / year
Teaching support and resources for 12 months.
50% discount off individual price @ $200 per teacher per year.
Auto-renew yearly at discounted price.

7-Day Free Trial

We offer a 7-Day free trial for all membership subscriptions. You’ll have full access to all our materials and forums during the trial period. If you don’t find the program useful, simply cancel your membership before the trial period ends and you will not be billed.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the membership within 30 days of signing up, we will refund the full amount you’ve paid. Please write to us to request for a refund.

Cancel Anytime

Your membership subscription will automatically renew at the end of the selected subscription period. If you do not want to continue after the current subscription period, simply log in to your account before the next renewal date (also shown in your account) and click the “Cancel your subscription” link. You will have continue to have access to the TeachableMath membership until the expiration date on your account is reached.


Available Supplementary Resources

As we continue to build the membership site, some of the features may not be available from day one. These include technical functionalities and resources. If the missing feature or resource is important for you, please let us know and we will prioritize them. Currently, the following resources are available:

Frequently Asked Questions

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