Conference this week at Standards Institute

With 3 snowstorms in just one week in Boston, it was a nice break for us to fly into sunny Orlando, Florida for a change!

Where’s the snow in February?

We are here in Orlando, Florida for the Standards Institute Winter Math Conference 2017, where I facilitated the session on Grade 8 Functions. The goal is to study the mathematical shifts of focus, coherence, and rigor through examining standards-aligned tasks and activities, with adaptations for struggling students. The approach is to blend conceptual with practical, by digging deep into math content by “doing the math” and connecting all the ideas and principles of focus, coherence and rigor to the work back in our own school districts. We also polished our practical skills by buddy teaching and assessing through the lens of the Instructional Practice Guide (IPG). It was a wonderful session, and I learned so much from the teacher participants!

We are now in the process of planning future PD programs for teachers, schools and districts, especially in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island and New York State. If you are thinking of PD for your school and teachers and would like to find out more, please hit reply or email and let us know! Our sessions are full till August and we are now planning from Fall 2017.

Also, we will be presenting at the following math conferences in July 2017. If you would like to find out more, please hit reply and let us know too!


That’s me getting ready at 7am in the morning!


Teacher participants digging deep in the content by connecting with the 3 shifts in mathematical instructions – Focus, Coherence and Rigor.


Buddy Teaching with the IPG.

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