Is your child using Singapore math textbooks and workbooks in school?

Are you overwhelmed by the new math syllabus that your kids are learning in school which you were never taught when you were growing up?

Are you looking for supplementary materials that will help your child build a strong math foundation?

Are you a home-school parent looking to use Singapore math as your primary math curriculum?

Do you wish you could ask questions during the year and not just parent-teacher conferences and school math nights?

The TeachableMath membership supports parents and home-schoolers who are using or interested in Singapore-based strategies for math education. It was designed to provide a year-round support for parents to ask questions and find resources to support their children’s math education.

You will receive:

  • Challenging and interesting worksheets that are aligned the math curriculum your kids are using in school,
  • Weekly lesson plans with explanation videos,
  • Forum to ask questions about the new math methods your child is learning,
  • Support from a community of like-minded parents.

See how Singapore strategies can help your kids build strong math foundations. Check out more about membership benefits for parents today!

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