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Building a strong foundation in fractions is the key to a successful transition from elementary to middle school. Teaching fractions effectively at elementary levels sets kids up for success.

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The topic of fractions often presents a giant leap in numerical intuition. We view it as the third pillar in elementary math education.


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Fractions Shape Maker for Teaching Fractions

Fraction Shape Maker

Have you tried to draw simple shapes to represent fractional values in standard office applications, e.g. dividing a circle into 5 equal parts in Powerpoint? This app helps teachers and parents draw shapes to represent fractions in presentations and worksheets.

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Teaching fractions can be a breeze

Whenever the parents of graduating fifth graders asks us how their kids can better prepare for middle school over the summer vacation, our advice varies depending on the student, but one item is always in the list – Fractions.

A solid foundation in the understanding of fractions is fundamental in learning extension topics such as rates and proportion, percent and decimals. It is so important that we consider it the final of three pillars in elementary mathematics education.

Teaching Resources

Yet, by the time, students finished elementary school, many still do not have a firm grasp of concepts such as comparing fractions using the same whole, converting between mixed numbers and improper fractions, not to mention basic operations on fractions – adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividinglike and unlike fractions.

Learning fractions is not as difficult as it seems, if we do it one step at a time, starting with the simplest example of what a fractional value represents, and we can start introducing these intuition as early as 2nd grade.

In this section, we collect some of the resources that deals with fractions. It is our hope that teachers and parents would benefit from these articles, worksheets, and video resources and feel more comfortable teaching this very important and interesting topic!

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