Introducing the Fraction Shape Maker App

Have you tried to draw simple shapes to represent fractional values in standard office applications, e.g. dividing a circle into 5 equal parts in Powerpoint? This app was created out of frustration when working on our new set of fraction worksheets. Anytime, we tried to divide a standard shape into an odd number of equal parts, we had to spend a lot of time tweaking and adjusting lines.

So, like any other teacher would do in this situation, we wrote a program to draw shapes for fraction values.

Fraction Shape Maker Icon

This simple web-app helps teachers and parents draw shapes (either circle or polygon) to represent fractions in presentations and worksheets. Simply choose the number of equal parts (up to 36) and the number of parts to shade and download the requested shape as a PNG file. You can also choose a different shade color and rotation!

Check out the Fraction Shape Maker App and let us know what you think!

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