Introducing the new Fraction Wheel App

This week we roll up our sleeves and did some coding (actually we started weeks ago). We’re happy to introduce a new section in our website. We call them Teachable Apps!

Teachable Apps are small web-apps that are useful as classroom tools for demonstrating concepts or practice. They are not meant to be used as standalone interactive games that a child can play without supervision (think more rulers and protractors than PBSkids). As part of a lesson in the classroom or at home, these apps can help to show concepts or randomize practice examples.

Fraction Wheel

Our first app is a web version of the fraction wheel we blogged about before. With two pieces of paper, students can make a free spinning 2-dimensional wheel to explore various fractional values less than 1. It is part of the concrete-pictorial-abstract philosophy of Singapore math.

Fraction Wheel App

In this online version, the wheel position snaps to fractions whose denominators are indicated by the user. The value of the fraction is shown at the center and can be turned on and off by clicking the center of the wheel. Check out the Fraction Wheel App.


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