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The TeachableMath Membership Community is set up to support teachers and parents who are using or interested in Singapore-based strategies for math education. Here are 5 great reasons to join.

Lesson Plans

A good set of Lesson Plans is the most important tool for a successful school year. Without a thorough set of plans, it is difficult to pace lessons, deliver them effectively, aligned to the standards, all within one school year. The last thing you want is to find that you have only one more month to cover three chapters using an unfamiliar curriculum!

If you are using Singapore based textbooks, curriculum or strategies, our lesson plans are perfect for you. These lesson plans are designed from our unique experience teaching the Singapore curriculum in both Singapore and the United States. They are in-depth, comprehensive and integrate across grades to ensure minimal gaps and overlaps. The weekly lesson plans are designed to cover all common core state standards and we have gone through the Math In Focus and Primary Mathematics curriculum to extract and order the important chapters for you.

As a member, you will get unlimited access to all our lesson plans. You can read each week’s plan from our website, download the full-year plans as a PDF, or post your questions or comments for each week’s plan in the forums.


With a solid lesson plan in place, you are going to need weekly worksheets to use in your classroom or home. We used to sell our pdf worksheets as bundled workbooks based on a central topic, however we found that teachers and parents are not quite sure how to pace themselves through the materials and how each set fit with one another.

Now, we arrange these worksheets into weekly packets aligned with the lesson plans. You can instantly download any set from the specific grade’s resources page, and print it out for your kids.

These colorful worksheets are regularly updated after we received feedback from our members or our own teachers and students, and we’re constantly adding new sets every week. See what some of our teachers say about the worksheets.

Training Videos

Our weekly lesson plans are also accompanied by short 5 mins videos to guide you through some of the common pitfalls, tips and strategies for the topic covered in that week.

These mini-presentation are condensed from years of experience teaching the Singapore curriculum in both Singapore and the United States.

If you are using Math In Focus, Primary Mathematics or any Singapore based textbooks, curriculum or strategies, our training video will give you additional insights about teaching the topics using the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach, and avoid common mistakes in the classroom.

As a member, you will get unlimited access to all our training videos.

Guided Solutions

The relevant chapters in Math In Focus and Primary Mathematics mentioned in our weekly lesson plans usually include some challenging questions and word problems.

Many of these more advanced word problems can be solved using abstract methods like algebra. However, it is important to use the appropriate tools that our students can understand cognitively, and solve the problems at their level. One of the most often used strategy in these solutions is bar modeling. Want to find out how to use bar models and other logic reasoning tools to effectively solve these challenging word problems?

Watch our worked solutions videos to get answers. We solve these questions, step-by-step in short videos, using the Singapore strategies that were taught in the chapters.

As a member, you will get instant unlimited access to worked solutions videos for Math In Focus workbooks (currently for grades 1 to 5).


Every year, teachers go for external professional development, or attend in-house workshops to update themselves on current tools and heuristics to use in their lessons. These are excellent learning opportunities. However, very often, teachers find that they would encounter a problem with the technique a few months into the semester, and wish the math coach would be around to answer their questions year round.

This is where our discussion forums come in. These forums provide a platform for teachers and parents (especially if you are new to Singapore based strategies) to ask questions any time throughout the year. These questions may be answered by us or by any other teachers who had encountered similar situations before.

Our membership has just started and we now have a small, but growing community of fellow educators. Join us today to get instant access to the discussion forums where you will meet other teachers and parents using Singapore based strategies and resources. Together, we can support and learn from each other, and share valuable experience and resources.

These resources are arranged in an easy to navigate card-style layout for each grade level, so that you can find what you need quickly and see how each piece fit into each other.

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