Group Membership

Group Membership for Schools and Organizations

Group Membership


The TeachableMath membership provides resources and support for teachers and parents using Singapore-based math strategies in their math syllabus. Click here to learn more about the program.

Advantage of group membership:

1. Flexibility to add/replace members

Group manager can add/remove/replace individual group members during the year. Save a seat for a new teacher coming on board later on in the year, or reassign seat to teachers who just joined.

2. Single payment (credit card / PayPal) for entire group

No need to ask individual teachers to pay for their own membership. Payment can be managed by one single person.

3. Group Discount

Enjoy group discount not available for individual membership.

How does it work?

Your subscription is for a group of “seats” for the membership (including group owner). As group owner, you will have access to a special group dashboard, where you can assign individuals to the allocated seats. It is not required to fill up all seats right away. You can save them for new teachers coming on board later in the year. Through the dashboard, the group admin send invite to individuals and assign them to the membership slot.


Add Member to send invite.


Group owner can add/remove/replace members anytime.


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