New product announcement! 1st 2nd Grade Morning Work and Review – Addition and Subtraction for numbers 20 to 100

TM112 1st and 2nd Grade Singapore Math In Focus Morning Work and Review - Addition and Subtraction for numbers 20 to 100

We’re excited to announce a new worksheet we’re releasing for sale! This is the second part of a series of worksheets we made for our early elementary students to build up their confidence in the important concepts of addition and subtraction.

Check out the product description below.

Morning Work series

Our morning work series provides short daily practice for students to reinforce their understanding of what they have just learned in class. Short exercises that provide a cumulative review of recently covered topics are meant to be done each morning before learning new materials.

Apart from procedural computation, the unique approach we use focuses on conceptual understanding. Instead of drilling, emphasis is placed on

  • logic reasoning,
  • high order thinking skills and
  • early algebraic understanding.

Five pages of worksheet are provided for each subtopic (one for each work day of the week), consisting of 4 pages of daily work for the current subtopic and 1 page of cumulative review of all previously covered subtopics.

About this set of morning work

This morning work set, TM112 Addition and Subtraction for numbers 20 to 100, is part of our series of worksheets that aims to sequentially build up the critical foundation of addition and subtraction in early elementary level. It is designed to follow the previous set – TM107 Addition and Subtraction to 20. After mastering the fundamental arithmetic concepts for numbers to 20 in the previous set of worksheet, students extend their understanding to 100 in the current set, which in turn, will prepare them for further extension into numbers up to 1000 in 2nd grade.

This set is organized in two parts:

  • first part – numbers from 20 to 40,
  • second part – numbers 40 to 100.

These two parts can be taught separately.

Supplementing Math In Focus Singapore Math textbooks

While this product can be used by any 1st and 2nd grade math learners, we have specifically developed the questions to supplement Math In Focus workbook 1B, covering the following chapters:

  • Chapter 12 Numbers to 40
  • Chapter 13 Addition and Subtraction to 40
  • Chapter 16 Numbers to 100


Download the worksheet here!


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