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Tzeping and KarhweeWe are a Singaporean family living in Lexington, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston. We were born, raised and educated in Singapore. One of us became a math teacher and the other an engineer. Several years ago, after nearly a decade working in our respective professions, we left our home, brought our baby girl to the US and became full-time students again.

In a blink, we lived in Los Angeles and New York, received our Ph.D. and Ed.M. degrees, welcomed our second baby, and found ourselves in Boston, ready to restart our careers. Kar-Hwee received her Massachusetts teacher certification, but decided to stay at home with the kids till they start school, while Tze-Ping rejoined the industry as a researcher in the high-tech wireless communications industry.

Before we knew it, our youngest child started kindergarten (*sob*), and we once again found ourselves talking about our careers. Finally, we decided Kar-Hwee shouldn’t keep her teaching experience and skills to herself and started a small tutoring group at our dining table, which soon grew to a size our little suburban house couldn’t contain.

So, we decided to start the Lexington Singapore School, where Kar-Hwee can formally teach math using the Singapore math curriculum. Keeping each class size small, Lexington Singapore School also serves as a research and demo school where we review and validate the best practices in math education and invite teachers for lesson studies.

While teaching, Kar-Hwee started receiving requests from other schools in the greater Boston area to support their teachers who are new to Singapore strategies. So, we also started to give workshops, presentations and lesson studies in places near us. Besides working directly with teachers and schools, we also conduct parent workshops in the Boston area and have been invited to conduct Singapore Math workshops to teacher residents at Columbia University Teachers College in New York.

Through these interactions, teachers and parents benefited from our knowledge of “Singapore math”, and found new inspirations to teach their kids using math strategies they may not be familiar with before. However, we want to support more teachers and parents in places we cannot travel to.

So, we started this website to share what we know with other teachers and parents. In addition to sharing our own teaching materials, we also write down some of our thoughts on math education strategies, and recently started a membership area to provide more in-depth support for schools and parents who needed them. Most importantly, through this website, we hope to meet fellow educators, share experience and learn from each other to make math learning more fun, engaging and effective.



karhweeKar Hwee Koh

  • Certified Teacher in both Massachusetts State and the Republic of Singapore
  • Advanced Master of Education (Ed.M), Columbia University Teachers College
  • Master of Education, University of Western Australia, Higher Distinction
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education, National Institute of Education Singapore, Distinction
  • Bachelor in Electrical Engineering, National University of Singapore

tzeping lowTze-Ping Low

  • Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, University of Southern California
  • Master in Science, National University of Singapore
  • Bachelor in Electrical Engineering, National University of Singapore
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