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Junting Li asked 3 years ago

1.How many pages of exercise I can get for one week?
For example,Grade1 S1 Week1, there is 11pages pdf.
is that all for this week? and next week ,I should download week2 morning work sheet which is also 11pages pdf. so every week there is about 10-15pages of exercise ?
2.Cotents of “Lesson video” and” teacher’s video” are the same?
3. Any recommend exercise book we could buy for extra evening work.

1 Answers
Tze-Ping Low Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Junting,

  1. Yes, there is at least one set for each week. The number of pages depends on the topic, but we made sure there are at least 5 pages.
  2. The video on the lesson plan pages are the same as the Teacher’s video on the resources page. These short videos are meant for the teacher or parent to view before working on a topic with the kids. They contain some tips and strategies relevant to the topic. A video is added when a new topic is introduced.
  3. If you are in the United States, we recommend the Math In Focus series of workbooks. 

Hope these help!

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