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Junting Li asked 2 years ago

I have following questions:
1.We will start from Grade 1 week1,but if we want to do exercise everyday, we need at least 5 -7 exercise sheet.but on the net there is only one.
2.how often is the resources updated ?

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Tze-Ping Low Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Junting,
Thanks for your questions.

  1. Each pdf file consists of a worksheet pack, which is meant to be work on over one week. There are at least 5 pages in each set, with materials relevant to the lesson plan for that week. These worksheets supplement your core Singapore math textbooks and are meant to provide additional exercises to reinforce concepts. Kids can work on a small part of the set at the start of each day (that’s why we originally call them morning work), to cultivate a consistent practice routine.
  2. We update our materials regularly across all the grades depending on new materials or error correction. If you have any suggestions for new materials or topics, please let us know!
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