How to set up your Group Membership

The TeachableMath Group Membership was set up to let schools manage their teachers’ membership under one administrative and billing account. It allows group managers to add/remove/replace individual group members during the year, manage a single payment (credit card or PayPal) for entire group, and enjoy group discounts. Here’s how to set things up once you (the group admin) sign up for a group membership.

Group Dashboard

Once you’re logged in, you will find the “group dashboard” link under the “Members” menu:group membership dashboard

Group Name and Description

The first time you visit the Group Dashboard, you’d be asked to set your Group Name and Description:Group Membership Group name

Add Group Members

You will then see the “Add Group Members” form:

Add New Group Members

Once teachers are added as group members, they would receive an invitation email with a link to sign in.

Edit Group MembersEdit group member

The example above shows that we’ve added Jane Doe to the group. Notice that Jane Doe has not yet confirmed her invitation. If needed, the group owner can resent the invitation using the Resend Invite link. Optionally, the group owner can go ahead and confirm the group invitation using the Set as Member link.

Set Group Member as Admin

The screenshot above shows an updated view of the members list. Note that the group owner can remove the members from the group, change members’ role to group admins, or change current admins to regular members.

Billing and Account Details

Billing and invoices can be found in the “My Account” page under “Members” menu:


You will be able to see your current group subscription plan, next renewal date and download any past invoices.

group subscription account


Let us know if you have any questions by posting in the comments below.

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