Where are the old worksheet sets?

You’ve probably been redirected here from one of our old worksheets pages. We used to sell bundled worksheet sets as PDF downloads on this website. These are older versions of worksheets that we’ve used a few years ago. As of April 2017, we’ve decided to focus on weekly small sets of worksheets that are faster to update and more aligned with our recommended lesson plans.

Where can you go to find our current worksheets

1. Join our membership

The best way to get our worksheets is to join the TeachableMath membership program. Members get unlimited access to the worksheets, in addition to guided support and many more useful resources for teachers and parents using Singapore math. Instead of bundling them into big topics, these worksheets are arranged into weekly bite-size packets (about 5-10 pages) and are accompanied by lesson plans, instruction videos and other supporting resources and references. These worksheets are also actively updated to correct for errors and improved after we received feedback from our students, teachers and parents. Join Us today!

2. Purchase single week PDF worksheets on our lesson resources page

Non-members can also purchase these weekly worksheets individually. Simply find the add to cart button next to the set of worksheets you want to purchase. You can find the members’ resource pages here:
Lesson Plans & Resources – Grade 1
Lesson Plans & Resources – Grade 2
Lesson Plans & Resources – Grade 3
Lesson Plans & Resources – Grade 4
Lesson Plans & Resources – Grade 5

3. Purchase our Printed Workbooks from Amazon

Purchase physical printed workbooks on Amazon! For more information about available printed workbooks and the topics they cover, click here:

Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks for your interest and your support!

Here are what teachers/parents say about our worksheets:

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