We’re closing the eBook-Store soon!

We’ve decided to stop the sale of bundled worksheet sets in the eBook-Store by the end of Feb 2017. Please consider joining our membership program to have access to our latest worksheets, arranged in weekly schedule, according to our full year lesson plans, or sign up for our newsletter to receive sample worksheets and weekly tips in your inbox. Also check out the hard-copy printed version of our worksheets on Amazon! If you have previously purchased worksheet sets, your download links will not work after the web-store is turned off. Please write to us if you have any question. Thanks for your support!


Welcome to the TeachableMath Bookstore!

In this web-store we provide some of our worksheets in pdf form for instant download. These worksheets came out of our own experience teaching the Math In Focus series for grades 1 to 8 in the past few years in Boston, Massachusetts, and for many more years in Singapore. In the course of teaching these materials, we found that while the textbooks and workbooks provide a structured system to learn math, students can often benefit from more in-depth examples and exercises after each lesson. Each of these worksheets were created after hundreds of hours of teaching, research, analysis and classroom trials, and each set is made and designed by ourselves, one question at a time. We make these worksheets for our students, but we’re sharing them here because we believe more teachers and parents can benefit from them.

Our Users

Our worksheets are suitable for:

  • Teachers and schools using the Math In Focus textbooks/workbooks, or Primary Mathematics curriculum,
  • Teachers and schools looking for Common Core aligned math materials,
  • Teachers and parents looking for more challenging and rigorous math worksheets that are effective and interesting.

Here are what teachers/parents say about our worksheets:

Worksheet Types

In general, we make two types of worksheets:

  • Supplementary worksheets are meant to add more exercises for each topic presented in the Math In Focus textbooks and workbooks. Teachers can use these exercises after going through each chapter in the workbooks as additional exercises or homework assignment.
  • Morning work or morning routine are a series of random quick exercises, structured in a progressive manner, to let students review what they have learned up to a particular point in the topic. Each page consists of a small set of questions to refresh memories and are meant to be completed each morning before lesson begins.

Occasionally, we also make games and other activities to make learning more fun and interesting, like the 2016/17 Math Calendar.

We’re still making more worksheets every month (whenever we can find the time!). The topic that we work on each month is primarily driven by our students’ need in our classes.

Latest Products

We’ve released two more worksheets for 2nd Grade Place Value Addition to 1,000 and 2nd Grade Subtraction to 1,000! These are supplementary worksheets meant as additional practice to the Math In Focus or Primary Mathematics workbooks.

TM203_279x361 TM204_279x361

Together with our two corresponding Morning Work and Review worksheets for Place Value and Addition to 1000 and Subtraction for numbers to 1000, they form a complete set of supplementary worksheets for early elementary students to build up their confidence in the important concepts of addition and subtraction. For a limited time, purchase these sets of worksheets as a bundle with the rest of our Addition and Subtraction to 1,000 worksheets to get a bundle discount.


Also check out the other products in the Morning work series.

Free Samples

In each product page, you will find a link at the bottom for a free sample for that set of worksheet. These samples are selected full pages from the original worksheet set and you may use them for your teaching free of charge. Please support us by purchasing the full product if you find them useful!

free worksheet samples

Printed Workbook

Prefer hard printed copy instead of PDF download? Our first physical printed workbook is now available on Amazon!

Click here to read more or order your copy on Amazon now!

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