Singapore Math conferences in Las Vegas and Arizona 2017

Hi teachers!

Hope you are enjoying the Summer! It has been a crazy few weeks for us, and we are now in Sunny Singapore! It was a tough 20 hours flight from United States to Singapore but the smell of local cuisine was all worth it! Apart from Math, Singapore is also well known for its local cuisine. The local food is so good you can get a Michelin Award Hawker food for just USD$1.50!


And since we are here in Singapore, we thought we will bring you some local cuisine through our facebook as well! So, if you are a food lover like us, stay connected on facebook and maybe that would make Singapore your next Summer vacation!

Coming back to Math, we just presented at the SDE National Math Conference at Las Vegas and the Singapore Math-In-Depth Summit at Arizona last week! Here are some photos and materials that we presented!



A photo with the wonderful presenters from at the Singapore Math In-Depth Summit 2017!



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