Why we are starting the TeachableMath Community


Dear Teachers and Parents,

Thank you for your interest in our website.

One of the reasons we started this venture was to share what we know about math education with other teachers and parents. We truly enjoy working with dedicated teachers in professional development and lesson studies settings, as well as sharing tips and strategies with parents in workshops and presentations. Through these interactions, teachers and parents benefited from our knowledge of “Singapore math”, and found new inspirations to teach their kids using math strategies they may not be familiar with before.

In addition to working personally with local teachers and parents, this website TeachableMath.com serves as a platform for us to share what we know with a larger audience in the form of blog posts, free teaching resources such as the 2016 math calendar, and rigorous worksheets for download purchase.

As we continue to look for ways to get involved with the local education community in coaching, workshops and professional development, while at the same time develop more online content for teachers and parents, we are also planning to set up an online community for teachers and parents who are interested in Singapore math in Fall 2016.

Between having us travel to schools to provide coaching, professional development or consultancy services, and teachers/parents reading passively about our teaching philosophies or download pdf worksheets without any followup advice, the online community is a more direct and efficient way for us to serve teachers and parents.

This is an optional paid subscription service, added on to our current content. At a fraction of the cost, teachers and parents will get similar (if not more) benefits as what schools pay for a full consultancy session. We will personally work with members to help them understand various Singapore strategies, how to implement the education standards, and help them find the best ways to teach and support their kids’ learning.

Other benefits that members enjoy include:

  • Participate in forums dedicated to Singapore math and other math education topics,
  • Access member-only resources such as video instructions, lesson plans and instruction packages,
  • Suggest new products and resources,
  • Get unlimited free downloads from our bookstore.

We will be in the community everyday to answer questions about our products, training materials, and share our knowledge about Singapore strategies in math education. Through the forum, teachers and parents will also be able to discuss teaching strategies, share their own classroom experience and general information about math education in the US.

Head over to our new community page to learn more about the community membership program, including a very special early member discount.

If you have thoughts about the community and what you would hope to see in it, please let us know by adding your comments below. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in our community!


Kar-Hwee and Tze-Ping

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