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Grade 2 Subtracting Like Fractions

Subtracting Fractions is easy! “To subtract fractions with the same denominator, keep the denominator the same and just subtract the numerators.” This example is taken from a worksheet that we came across recently. After explaining the procedures, the worksheet moves on to 20 similar “skills and drills” exercises where students practice their new skills.

When used appropriately, there is definitely a place for practice worksheets. However, if procedural fluency is emphasized without connection to conceptual understanding, it could lead to problems in the long run. Very often, we find students trying very hard to remember procedures and getting all confused when they have to deal with all 4 operations for fractions at the same time. Fractions can be tricky for students, therefore, it is important that we start right from the lower elementary grades. It is important that we focus on conceptual understanding, connecting well to procedural fluency before moving on to problem-solving.

In our worksheet below, the fractions are deliberately left out of the questions and students need to figure out the fraction they need to subtract from by referring the models. This way, we are encouraging conceptual understanding while practicing their procedures at the same time.

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