Practice Measuring Angles with an Interactive Protractor!

Use this interactive protractor app to practice measuring angles on the screen, or download the questions as a pdf worksheet. Rotate the protractor by holding down the shift-key + left-mouse button, or use two fingers on your touch device. More instructions below.

More about the Protractor Practice App

What is a Protractor?

A protractor is a tool to help you measure angles, kind of like a ruler, but with degrees markings on a circular edge. To use it, align the horizontal line on the protractor to one of the two lines that make up the angle you want to measure, then read off the angle on the appropriate scale on the curve edge of the protractor.

Using the interactive protractor app on screen

Move the on-screen protractor using (desktop) left mouse drag or (tablet) single finger touch and drag. Protractor is highlighted in green when moving.

Rotate the on-screen protractor using (desktop) shift-key + left mouse drag or (tablet) two-finger touch and rotate. Protractor is highlighted in red when rotating.

Check your answers

Enter your answers in the respective boxes, then click “Check Answers” button to check your answers. Angles within 2 degrees will be marked as correct. Note: there are two scale markings corresponding to left-to-right (black) and right-to-left (blue) angle measurement. Make sure you are reading off the correct set of markings.

Keep practicing with new questions

Click the “New Questions” button to generate a new set of questions.

Work on the same set of angles remotely

Use the URL displayed at the top to load the same set of angles. Share the link with all your remote students during zoom class and practice measuring the same set of angles, or assign the same set of questions as homework to the whole class.

Download the questions as a PDF worksheet

Print out the 6 questions as a PDF (the protractor image will not be included) and practice using your own “real” protractor to measure the angles. Answers are printed on the second page.

Use your own image with the interactive protractor

Click the “Custom Image” and enter a link to a publicly accessible image URL as the background, then use the overlay interactive protractor to measure various angles on your own worksheet. Only image files are supported at this time. You can use a free service like imbgg to upload your image and paste the link into the URL box.

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