Fraction Wheel App


  1. Set the desired snap locations by indicating the denominators of interests.
  2. Unlock and move:
    • Mouse: Click the small white circle to unlock and move the fraction wheel.
    • Touch: Use two fingers tap to unlock and move the fraction wheel.
  3. When handle is within tolerance range of a fraction location:
    • Fraction value are shown on the center of the wheel, expressed as the simplest form, e.g. 2/4 is shown as 1/2.
    • The wheel will snap to the fraction position when mouse/touch is released.
  4. Click (or long touch) the center of the wheel to turn the fraction value ON/OFF.
Denominators (separated by commas):
Snap Tolerance (percentage of circle):
Outer Wheel Color:
Inner Wheel Color:
Fraction Text Color:

Note: custom color is not supported in Internet Explorer 11 or Safari 9.1 (or earlier).


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